Since 1947 Interstate Diesel has been remanufacturing diesel injectors, manufacturing new injectors and fuel injection components.  As an OEM partner our standards for quality, service and performance are unmatched.  We provide replacement injectors and parts for:



Interstate-McBee is proud to announce our AAR Certification to add to our ISO9002-With Design. These certifications recognize Interstate-McBee's commitment to quality assurance throughout our manufacturing, assembly and testing procedures so all our products meet and exceed expectations every time. 

Interstate-McBee manufactures a full line of Electronic Unit Pumps (EUP) and Injectors for GE 7FDL Engines and Electronic Unit Injectors (EUI) for EMD Engines. Every EUP & EUI is tested using OEM procedures and have flow codes to match the ECM software appropriate for you application. All EUP & EUI have been tested at EPA Certified facilities to assure EPA Emissions compliance in addition to the thousands of hours for endurance testing. 

Interstate-McBee can upgrade your Mechanically Fuel Injected EMD engine to a state of the art Electronically Fuel Injected Engine. If your goal is to save fuel, our Engine Management Kit (EMS) has proven to reduce fuel consumption over 3%! If your goal is to reach a higher EPA Tier level, our EMS kit has transformed a Tier 0 engine into Tier 2 and added performance capabilities not available with mechanical fuel injection.

OEM quality Mechanical Fuel Injectors (MUI) from Interstate-McBee all with our patented “Ecotip” nozzles available for any EMD engine application. The original Green Tag Ecotip injector delivers fuel savings and lower smoke in any non-emission engine. If you need Tier 0 or Tier 0+ compliance, we have an Ecotip injector for all 645 & 710 engines. Plus, if you have a specific challenge such as extended idle or EPA certification, Interstate can design a one of our famous Black Tag injectors and work with you to solve any need.