FALK - Marine Air Clutch

Nowhere is equipment durability more crucial to a company’s survival than on the world’s waterways where crews and schedules depend on reliable power. For more than 95 years, Falk® products have been rewriting the record books for longevity in marine propulsion. From heavy-duty gear sets, clutches and extended-life bearings, to the design and construction of our application-engineered housings, Falk Marine Gear Drives are built to be the most reliable solutions afloat. That’s why demanding workboat manufacturers, owners and operators rely on Falk Marine Drives and Clutches.Rexnord is so confident in the quality and reliability of our Falk products, that we are the only manufacturer offering a three-year heavy-duty warranty standard on all of our marine drives.

Tested and proven for more than 70 years on thousands of applications, the easily-mounted Falk Marine Air Clutch provides a simple and reliable engine-to-gear connecting mechanism.

Marine Air Clutch features: • Dependable operation with excellent torsional vibration absorption • Fast reversal times and high-cycle shifting • Continued slip operation for slow speed maneuvering and high-cycle capability • Enhanced load distribution, smoothness of operation and clutch life • Automatic and complete disengagement when air pressure is released • No maintenance (working friction surfaces are only parts subject to wear) • Cushioning of shock loads and accommodation of reasonable amounts of shaft misalignment • Positively regulated engagement and disengagement • Balanced to ISO 1940-1 Grade 16