All about the Craft Split Roller Bearing

Craft Split Bearings combine the features of conventional antifriction cylindrical roller bearings with the added benefit of being easily assembled around a shaft. The complete assembly is engineered and manufactured in halves, with the results being ease of installation and inspection with minimal to no disturbance of other elements. The risk of adjacent equipment damage or re-alignment is eliminated as they are not disturbed. Readily available, simple, and inexpensive hand tools are all that is required to install Craft split bearings.

Machine design can be made more efficient and focused on objectives without having to accommodate bearings with more difficult replacement requirements. Standard straight shafting can be used—eliminating the costs of special machining, tools, and procedures often associated with other bearings.

Maintenance, downtime, and lost production costs are greatly reduced for the entire life cycle of your equipment. This reduced cost and savings by utilizing Craft split bearings is transferred directly to your bottom line.

The design, quality of mmaterials, and manufacturing process of Craft split bearings are such that reliability and long life are assured.

All Craft split bearings are available in inch as well as metric bore.

Special and one-off sizes are available with fast turnaround. These are just a few inherent design features and advantages of the Craft split bearing described herein.