AVENTICS means Marine Technology Expertise:

Marex ship controls include solutions and products such as remote controls, ship alarm systems, monitoring systems, and joysticks. This decentralized automation is backed by a convincing principle: standard and module concepts simplify design while open interfaces facilitate communication. You benefit from the rapid implementation of new products, completed certifications, and commissioning assistance, combined with practical training courses.

Components and systems for pneumatic and electronic ship propulsion control tailored to customer requirements.

Control Systems are available for:

  • Marine Pneumatics, CONTROLAIR® Valves
  • Marine Pneumatic Logic Valves
  • Controllable pitch propellers, jet propulsions, and reversing gear systems.
  • Marine Pneumatics, Air Clutch Panel Interface
  • Marine Pneumatics, GEARMASTER®
  • Marine Pneumatics, Heavy-Duty Marine Controls
  • Marine Pneumatics, LOGICMASTER®